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Residential Treatment Facility (Adults)

Program Overview

Provides a community based structured therapeutic milieu in a residential setting staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for individuals with significant mental health needs who cannot currently live independently in the community, but may not require inpatient hospitalization. Placement is intended to be transitional, with the individual developing the skills and stability needed to move to a lesser level of care.   

Population Served

Adults 18 years and older who have a chronic or acute mental illness that need an intermediate level of care.

Service Provided

The facility provides a structured therapeutic milieu.  The facility environment is designed to create a homelike atmosphere offering, but not limited to, shared residents’ bed rooms, dining area, and recreational areas both indoor and outdoor.  A fully functional kitchen is made available with a cook, providing nutritional meals three times a day to residents.  The therapeutic program consists of group therapy, psychosocial education, and individual treatment. Additionally psychiatric services i.e., evaluation and medication management is offered. 

Expected Outcomes

Individuals will avoid more restrictive levels of care such as hospitalization while developing independent living skills and learning to manage their own daily needs, such as taking medication without prompting, planning their own schedules and maintaining their living space.  Individuals will transition to more independent community living upon completion of their stay in the facility.