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Evaluation & Treatment (E&T)

Program Overview

Evaluation and Treatment Centers provide a secure inpatient facility, usually up to 16 beds.  The service includes mental health evaluation and treatment for individuals experiencing acute or an exacerbation of a chronic mental illness based in a non-hospital setting. The program is operational twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and offers a therapeutic milieu.  Individuals with mental illness who are detained under State of Washington Involuntary Treatment Act can be admitted. Individuals may also be admitted voluntarily.

Population Served

Facilities can be designed for:
• Adult 18 years old and older or,
• Children/Youth 10 to 17 years old

The facilities serves individuals experiencing acute mental health crises.  Most admissions are involuntary, and individuals are detained to the facility on the grounds of danger to self, danger to others, or grave disability.   They remain in the facility until stabilized or until a less restrictive alternative can be determined.  Some individuals transition to voluntary status during the stay, as they may no longer meet the criteria for involuntary treatment but continue to experience acute symptoms necessitating further inpatient treatment.

Service Provided

Evaluation begins on admission to obtain baseline information and assessments of physical status, a psychosocial evaluation and a mental status examination and global functioning.  The data is continuously updated in an individualized Treatment Plan to provide the highest quality of care possible in a dynamic situation.  Clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction are assessed and the data is used to improve treatment within our quality improvement program.  Our team of qualified professional staff includes Psychiatrists, ARNP, Physician Assistants, Registered Nurses, Social Workers, Masters level Clinicians and Registered Counselors who work as a Multidisciplinary Team to deliver clinical services within a medical model. Registered Nurses are on site twenty-four hours a day to provide nursing service functions. Therapeutic didactic groups, medication education groups, Recreational Therapy, Socialization and Activities of Daily Living is offered daily. Our Clinicians provide family intervention and support on an on-going basis.

 Expected Outcomes

Treatment length of stay is intended to be brief. The intent of the program is to evaluate and stabilize an individual’s condition and coordinate discharge planning with ongoing treatment service if indicated in order to avoid more intensive or longer term inpatient care.