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Co-Occurring Disorder Program

Program Overview

This is an evidenced based treatment that serves individuals with a co-occurring disorder having an identified mental illness and an existing substance use disorder.  Efficiency and effectiveness of the program is built upon consistency and integration of treatment staff to simultaneously treating the co-occurring disorders.

Population Served

 Individuals age 18 and older who are experiencing both mental health and substance use disorders. 

Service Provided

  • Integration of treatment of both the mental illness and the substance use disorder at the same time and with consistent clinical staff structure. Staff in the program are crossed trained in both mental health and substance abuse disorder treatment.
  • Motivational interventions are use to aid the individual in a personalize recovery process.
  • Cognitive-behavioral approach used to help individuals identify and change their thought, feeling and behaviors
  • Treatment services is provided in multiple formats i.e., individual, group, self-help and family.
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management is provided when indicated.  

Expected Outcomes

  • Stabilization of the mental illness and reduced dependency on substance use. 
  • Avoidance of more restrictive level of care i.e., psychiatric hospitalization. 
  • Increase self-management and promote recovery to independent living.
  • Avoidance of contacts with law enforcement and legal authority