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Adult Intensive Outpatient

Program Overview

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) serves individuals who require a multi-disciplinary treatment team in the community that is available upon demand based on the individuals’ needs. Twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, access is available if necessary. Goals for Adult IOP include the reinforcement of safety, the promotion of stability and independence of the individual in the community, and the restoration to a higher level of functioning.

Population Served

These services are designed to rehabilitate individuals who are experiencing severe symptoms in the community and thereby avoid more restrictive levels of care such as psychiatric inpatient hospitalization or residential placement.  Populations served include but are not limited to individuals with psychotic disorders, mood disorders, and personality disorders.

Service Provided

  • Treatment is available upon demand based on the individual’s need.  Treatment intensity varies among individuals and for each individual across time.  The team has the capacity to provide multiple contacts per week and even per day. The team has the capacity to rapidly increase service intensity to a client when his or her status requires it or a client requests it.  Contacts can include medication monitoring multiple times per day if needed.
  • Access to services is available twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week.  There is availability for 24 hour a day face-to-face or telephone contact by a member of the client’s team as client need arises. 
  • The staff to client ratio for this service is no more than 1 staff member to 15 clients.
  • The treatment team is composed of the client, Mental Health Care providers under the supervision of a MHP, and other relevant persons as determined by the individual (e.g. family, guardian, friends, neighbor, etc), and or other community members including pastors, physician, probation or parole officers, CD counselors, etc.

Expected Outcomes

Individuals in Adult IOP contact their service team before accessing emergency mental health services, allowing the providers who know the individual best to resolve crises in the least restrictive and least costly setting possible.  Reduced hospitalizations and increasing ability to self-manage escalating symptoms are also expected.  Clients who stabilize sufficiently are transitioned to lower levels of care.