Pricing Framework

A natural advantage of BHN is our lengthy experience with almost all payment models.  We have extensive contract management experience.  We bill Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, and individuals.  We have experience with and are capable of contracting on a wide range of services using a wide range of funding models depending on the individual needs of the specific contract.  BHN is willing to consider all kinds of viable funding structures, such as capitation, fee for service, case rates, flat rates, and per diem.  Contracts will be individually negotiated to meet the needs of the contractor.

Bottom line - BHN has existing structure to work in any pricing or billing format. 

Organizations that contract with BHN will have the advantage of managing only one contract while ensuring behavioral health services are delivered to their enrollees across large geographic areas.  Our size and scope, and our proven track record of quality care, mean that BHN can deliver effective - and cost effective - services across the state of Washington.