Our mission is to provide innovative, efficient, integrated behavioral health care services throughout the Northwest.  We will provide effective, high-quality behavioral health services to individuals and families, improve outcomes through efficient and cost effective service offerings, and to reinvest earnings into further expansion of services to communities.  We will focus on quality, efficient delivery, innovation, reputation, and system influence.  We intend to capture and deliver positive client outcomes, reducing the cost of overall care while maintaining or increasing quality.

Our Goals:

  1. Develop and market behavioral health care products designed to be integrated into a primary practices.
  2.  Bring integrated primary care and care management products into behavioral health settings.
  3. Develop and market evidence-based, high intensity behavioral health interventions such as Evaluation and Treatment centers, PACT, Wraparound, Residential, Co-Occurring disorder programs, Triage Centers and other evidence based practices.
  4. Be the principal behavioral health provider network for health plans.
    Objective: Develop administrative products utilized by health plans, such as credentialing, utilization management, outcome measures, etc.
  5. Explore the efficiencies of scale and combined experience.
  6. Influence the contracting models to move toward standardization.